Q The Jupps Floorcoverings business has been going since 1962 and more recently with yourself as the Group General Manager, how do you stay on top of the significant changes in tile technology and emerging design trends?
This is where our brand partner Tile Boutique play such an integral role within our business. They are across these significant changes and all the latest trends across the world and as a result we are able to fully service our clients in this area with their support and expertise. As part of the Tile Boutique group we offer our clients the best available products across all the various price ranges, so that the client can choose the product that fits their budget knowing it is the latest and best product available in the market.

Our business model prides itself on being innovative which is why our stores operate using the best software system in the industry - this is the heartbeat of our business. We have the latest IT equipment and operate on a Citrix platform for our stores so we can access our systems from anywhere in the world that has WIFI access which has been imperative for our business during these current Covid times. This also helps us to stay on top of emerging trends and provide our clients with the information they require to make an informed decision on their flooring.

Q Servicing the Mid and North West with 3 locations Geraldton, Port Hedland and Karratha the Jupps/ Tile Boutique customer base must be quite diverse?
The customer base we have is very diverse and we pride ourselves on being available and there for all customer types. No job is too big or too small and our team is always expected to deliver the same service across the board. I have a saying that every customer interaction is like opening night at the theatre, so no matter how bad your day is going we must treat every customer interaction as if its opening night of a theatre production and deliver a high-quality customer experience for them. This is imperative given the clientele we deal with and the pressures they face. We strive to deliver this level of service to our customers constantly.

Q In terms of advantage over competitors how important is the Tile Boutique group membership to Jupps in the tiles sector?
Our business is unique in that we deliver an experience that can be a one stop shop for our customers. We can save them time and effort in trying to accommodate and coordinate the respective trades for example. This is what sets us apart from our competitors because we sell the full range of flooring as well as window treatments. With regards to flooring it’s important for Jupps to have access to Tile Boutique because tiles are essential to every house and they have access to the latest design styles so our clients are right on top of any emerging trends.

Q The change in aspirational standards has been triggered by reality renovation TV shows along with the market globalization how prominent is this in your day to day retail customer interactions?
We have always said we are in a fashion industry and these trends are so relevant to what we do everyday which is why Tile Boutique are great partners of ours. We have constant access to these new standards and trends, which inspire our staff to in turn offer our clients many different options that will lead them to creating a space in their own house which is inspirational for them, their families and their friends.

Q Having been a successful business for so long what have been the core values that drive the Jupps brand?
Our businesses Vision is “To be Western Australia’s first choice provider of high quality and innovative flooring”. This is why being a brand partner of Tile Boutique fits so well as they are a family business like ours that prides themselves on innovation, new trends and high quality products.

Our businesses Mission statement is “To provide our customers with exceptional value through superior service and quality products”.

At Jupps our Core Values are built in to what we do every day with these being:

Quality – Unwavering commitment to excellence,
Integrity – Guarantee respect, trust and accountability in everything we do.
Communication – Honest and Open collaboration in all interactions.
Innovation – Inspire creativity and identify new ideas that create value.
Progress – Continually strive to learn, grow and improve.
Culture – Encourage a positive and cooperative working environment.




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