Q With all of your experience in the retail tile industry you must have seen significant changes in tile technologies and design how do you consistently stay at the forefront of these emerging trends?
A Having worked in the industry for over 10 years I have seen many changes, especially the capabilities of tile manufacturers to produce much larger format tiles. The technology now used to print the faces of the tiles has also improved, offering much more variation in design. This technology is able to replicate the look of Wood or Natural Stone whilst still maintaining the benefits of porcelain. Being part of the Tile Boutique group allows us access many international manufacturing companies, leaders in their field, who are able to keep us up to date with the latest advances in design and product quality.

Q With yours and your teams experience and eye for interior design & style what do you see currently which is really appealing?
A Over the last 12 months, we have definitely noticed a shift to a much warmer colour pallet. With Mandurah being a coastal town the “Coastal” look is always popular along with “Scandi” and “Wabi Sabi” styles. Light wood tones, soft sandy colours and pastels feature predominately with our clients.

Q In terms of advantage over local competitors, how do you see the Tile Boutique group?
A Firstly, our outstanding product range; being part of the Tile Boutique Group allows us source our products from factories all around the world offering the latest in design trends and an introduction to emerging trend for the next season. Secondly, our outstanding staff who are committed to offering the best customer service and knowledge to all our clients. We offer assistance with both design and technical advice. Our goal is to provide our clients with an inspired space for their new or existing home that goes above and beyond their expectations.
Q Servicing the Mandurah districts for such a long time you must have built up strong local client relationships?
A For many years Mandurah has been considered a small country town but over the last few years the growth in the area has been incredible, partly due to the increased accessibility with the improvements on the Freeway. The foreshore refurbishment has brought in lots of new café’s and bar’s, many displaying our tiles. Boundary Island Brewery in Erskine is a fantastic showcase of our products with our tiles featuring extensively throughout. Our presence in the area for over 20 years has allowed us to build strong relationships with many of our local builders and renovators such as Azztek Homes, Cachet, DA Burke, Dunclees, Madison, Mandurah Homes, Mandurah building Group, Powell builders, Port Bouvard, Raw Form and Ryza Homes. There is still a strong sense of community in Mandurah so most people like to shop and entertain locally.

Q Having been a successful business for so long what have been the core values that drive Tile Boutique in Mandurah?
A What drives us at Tile Boutique Mandurah is offering exceptional customer service and product knowledge to all our clients. Our aim is to build a collaboration of ideas, giving honest advice; listening to our client’s vision and making that vision a reality.