No one can argue against the convenience and ease of shopping online.
In years gone by when shopping around for anything that required shared input or second opinions you’d have to load up the car with your spouse or partner – and possibly the kids too – and drive from store to store to find exactly what you are looking for.

Nowadays – especially over the past two years – many of us have become all too accustomed online shopping, opting to ‘just get it delivered.’

While this may be perfect for Friday night fast food – and perfectly fine for items such as clothing, whitegoods and electronics – there are some things in life you simply should not entertain the idea of buying sight-unseen from online retailers. When it comes to buying tiles – physical retail beats virtual every time! While the virtual shopping experience in many cases today presents as highly sophisticated thanks to video showroom modeling, interactive floor plan designs and online chat to real sales reps, it is still just that: virtual.

An approximation of the real world.

Which again, is perfectly fine for anything that comes with a 12 month guarantee.

But what about things that can last a lifetime?

What about the things that make up the very fabric of your home?

What about these decisions of permanence which can influence the happiness and wellbeing of you and your family on a day-today basis?

What about tiles?

When physical retail is done right, the real world experience can essentially be the same as the virtual – in terms of convenience and user friendliness.

When online retail is done right it still has its limitations.

Sight. Sound. Feel.

These cannot be translated directly to any online space.

Nuances in natural colour and lighting have a great many variables that ensure a true, pure rendition is never, ever shown on any phone, computer or tablet screen.

To put it in the simplest terms, no two screens will show the same image exactly the same without some major tinkering with settings to colour saturations, contrast and brightness – and none will perfectly recreate a real world view.

You will never truly see how light sources reflect and refract off textured surfaces across the daylight hours and into the night. 

You will never, ever hear online how your footsteps in your favourite shoes sound as you move across the floor, and you will never be able to actually feel it underfoot. 

And an automated chat bot is no approximation for a real person; knowledgeable, enthusiastic and eager to assist on the showroom floor. 

Each Tile Boutique showroom is an experience in itself.


With a network of 35 independent licensed dealers across Australia, we work
together to bring you the greatest selection of premium tile products from all over the world. 

With decades of combined experience we have the skill and expertise to help you with all your Tile needs - and each showroom is locally owned so
you know the person who owns the store, runs the store.


At Tile Boutique we work with the world’s most advanced Tile manufacturers to bring you the latest designs and most up to date technologies.

That means we’re at the forefront of tile design and technology, with staff that are trained on the latest manufacturing techniques and tile trends from around the world.

And online is not always the most cost effective consumer option. 

Yes, real world retail has a lot more overheads than online sellers – but this is offset by the fact that our national group buys in bulk, meaning you get better value for your money.

Our Directors travel together around the world, to source the very best tiles, committing to large quantities to share across our network of showrooms.

This ensures our customers receive the very best price.

Sometimes the real world experience is not only better but necessary.

When it comes to decisions that carry long into the future the virtual experience pales in comparison.